with the concept of the Gorilla Rock character of Mt. Songgotsan. 

The café is run by KOSMOS with the concept of the Gorilla Rock character of Mt. Songgotsan.  You can enjoy the “brewed coffee” made at CAFÉ ULLA, which has a good view of the Gorilla Rock in Mt. Songgotsan and the clear ocean.



ULLA is a cute gorilla that likes flowers and loves nature in contrast to its large size. As the guardian of Mt. Songgotsan, it has lived here, having fallen in love with the nature, flowers, trees, and butterflies of Ulleungdo Island after defeating the goblin that afflicted the people living in the village under Mt. Songgotsan a long time ago.



“Brewing” is a way of making coffee that gives the most satisfying and unique taste of coffee. It uses a filtering method wherein roasted and ground coffee beans are put into a filtering apparatus and water is poured onto it. Unlike espresso coffee, which is made by high pressure, brewing coffee has a soft and mild taste. CAFÉ ULLA makes coffee using the cold brew and siphon methods among the numerous methods of making “brewed coffee.” 


Siphon refers to a method of brewing coffee by soaking the ground coffee with hot water, which rises owing to the difference in pressure caused by the temperature of the boiling water. The coffee made using the Siphon method tastes soft and simple due to the short brewing time; it is classified into an aromatic coffee brewing method because of its excellent fragrance.


Unlike ordinary coffee, which uses hot water, cold water is used to extract crude liquid slowly for a long time (24~72 hours). Dilute the crude liquid with water or milk according to taste.



The Cold Brew coffee made in CAFÉ ULLA is put into cans. 
Each can shows one of the 8 trekking courses in Buk-myeon where CAFÉ ULLA is located. 

(Unlike ordinary canned coffee, ULLA CAN COFFEE does not contain preservative or synthetic flavoring. Thus, please consume it on the same day of purchase or keep it refrigerated (especially for milk products).



Compared to Ulleung-eup where ports are located close together, Buk-myeon, Ulleungdo Island, where KOSMOS and CAFÉ ULLA are located, is famous for the well-preserved, heaven-blessed natural environment. We introduce eight little-known but beautiful spots in Buk-myeon as well as trekking courses with ULLA, a cute Gorilla character: Seonginbong Virgin Forest, Sillyeong Mineral Spring, Nari Basin, Seokpo Observatory, Naesu Observatory, Gwaneumdo, Yongchulso, and Punghyeol.

Tracking Course


Gorilla 'ULLA' 

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Address : 88-13, Chusan-gil, Buk-myeon, Ulleung-gun,
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