KOSMOS RING where you can receive Yin and Yang energy respectively.
Take a walk at the valley with a clear ocean view. 


A moment when you feel that you are one with the constantly circulating universe in peaceful rest.
KOSMOS Ring, a mystery that brings the energy of Yin and Yang together.

There are two Ring Chairs in KOSMOS where you can receive Yin and Yang energy respectively. In the Yin Ring Chair, you can receive abundant Yin energy while looking at the moon in the Songgotbong. When you sit on the Yang Ring Chair and watch the sunset falling over the ocean, you will fill with the energy of the Yang. During your stay, it is highly recommended to experience more than one energy bath in the KOSMOS Ring Chair.


5 Tracking Courses for taking a walk along some main tourist
attractions in Buk-myeon where the resort, ‘KOSMOS’ is located!

<Tracking Course>​​​​​​
COURSE 1  Chusan Trail
KOSMOS - Yongchulso(a spring) - Nari Basin(Tumakjip/Houses with a Shingle or Reed Thatched Roof)    1.5km / 40min
One section from KOSMOS to Nari Basin is an upward path and the opposite one from Nari Basin to KOSMOS is a downward path. In the middle, you can see a spring, ‘Yongchul-so’ where around 20,000tons of water per day is gushed and can take a walk while seeing the wide-open ocean view and listening to the cool valley water sounds. 

COURSE 2  Shinryeongsoo Trail
Nari Basin - Sunginbong Virgin Forest - Shinryeong Mineral Spring - KOSMOS    3km / 2hrs
This is a course starting from Nari Basin and finishing at Chusan via a mineral spring called ‘Shinryeongsoo’ located on the way to Mt. Sunginbong. The Sunginbong Virgin Forest was designated as a Natural Monument of South Korea. You can enjoy fully the virgin forest. In addition, you can appreciate flowers for each season since there are some colonies of Ulleung chrysanthemum and thyme. At Albong Basin met in the middle, you can see the Ulleung-do traditional houses called ‘Tumakjip’ (houses with a thatched roof). When you arrive at a mineral spring, ‘Shinryeongsoo’, you can release some fatigue with the cool mineral spring water and at the foot bath place.

COURSE 3  Poonghyeol Trail/Seokpo Observatory Trail
Boncheonbu - Poonghyeol - Seommok - Seokpo Observatory    3km / 2hrs
This is a course which is connected to ‘Poongheol’ (a natural air conditioner maintaining a temperature at 4°C all the time since the cool air from the underground water flowing into the deep underground is gushed out of the gaps of rocks) located toward the one-way road from Boncheonbu to Jookam and ‘Seokpo Observatory’ where one can appreciate ‘Kwaneumdo’ (an island), ‘Jukdo’ (an island) and ‘Samseonam’ (a rock)

COURSE 4  Kwaneumdo Trail
Kwaneumdo Ticket Office - a connecting bridge - Observatory 2 - Observatory 3 - Observatory 1    0.8km / 1hr
‘Kwaneumdo’ is also called ‘Kkaksae (Streaked Shearwater) Island’ originated from a folk tale saying as follows. A person with his family name ‘Kim’ from Wolsung family tree who came from Gyeongju to the island for the first time in the old days when he met a typhoon on the sea while having caught some fish, but he felt cold and hungry. So he made a fire. Thus, a flight of Kkaksae (Streaked Shearwaters) flew around the fire and he caught some and bunt them to eat. The taste of the birds was fantastic. So, the island was named as ‘Kkaksae Island’. This island, ‘Kwaneumdo’ has around 21,600 pyeong of area and various kinds of plants, such as, camellia trees, silver magnolia trees, reeds, silver grass, Aster glehnii F. Schmidt herbs and mugwarts grow wild. There are 2 caves in the lower part of the island.

COURSE 5  Seokpo-Naesoojeon Trail
An Yong Bok Memorial Hall - Seokpo Observatory - Jungmae Hwagok Shelter - Naesoojeon Sunrise Observatory    3km / 2hrs
‘Seokpo Naesoojeon Trail’ as a historic trail where many settlers used to take a walk for around 100years and into which their joys and sorrows have been permeated starts from An Young Bok Memorial Hall and ends at Naesoojeon Observatory. As only one section where no residents stay among the ecological trails, the trail treasures its original state of nature as it is. Thus, you can see various kinds of plants and animals. ‘Jungmae Hwagok Shelter’ located in the middle of the trail draws admiration from tourists since ‘Jukdo’ is seen between the trees growing densely around the circular trail.

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Address : 88-13, Chusan-gil, Buk-myeon, Ulleung-gun,
Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
Tel : 054-791-7788     E-mail : welcome@thekosmos.co.kr
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