KOSMOS RING where you can receive the energy of Yin and Yang.
Take a walk at the valley with a clear ocean view. 


A mystery that brings the energy of Yin and Yang together.

There are two Ring Chairs in KOSMOS where you can receive Yin and Yang energy respectively. In the Yin Ring Chair, you can receive abundant Yin energy while looking at the moon in the Songgotbong. When you sit on the Yang Ring Chair and watch the sunset falling over the ocean, you will fill with the energy of the Yang. During your stay, it is highly recommended to experience more than one energy bath in the KOSMOS Ring Chair.


5 trekking trails along the main sightseeing spots on the northern side of Ulleungdo near KOSMOS Resort.

COURSE 1. Chusan Trail (1.5km / 40mins)
KOSMOS - Yongchulso – Nari Basin 
This is an uphill walk from KOSMOS to Nari Basin, and a downhill walk from Nari Basin to KOSMOS. Along the way, you can see the spring water fountain that creates 20,000 tons of water a day, and listen to the sound of valley water with a panoramic view of the ocean. 

COURSE 2 Shinryeongsu Trail (3km / 2hrs)
Nari Basin - Seongsangbong Forest - Shinryeong Water Fountain - KOSMOS 
This trail descends to Chusan Mountain passes by a water fountain called Sinryeongsu, located on the way to Seonginbong Peak from Nari Branch. The primeval forest of Seonginbong Peak is a natural monument where you can enjoy the pristine nature of Ulleungdo and their seasonal flowers; chrysanthemums and thyme. At Albong Basin, you can see Ulleungdo’s traditional hut houses, and when you reach Shinryeongsu, you can relieve your fatigue with cool spring water and footbaths.

COURSE 3 Pungbyeong Trail / Seokpo Observatory Trail
Boncheonbu - Pungbyeong - Seomok - Seokpo Observatory (3km / 2hrs)
This trail leads to Punghyeol, which is a natural air conditioner that maintains a temperature of 4°C at all times due to the cold air from the underground water flowing through the rocks. Also at Seokpo Observatory, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Gwaneumdo Island, Jukdo Island, and Samseonam Rocks.

COURSE 4 Gwaneumdo Trail
Gwaneumdo Ticket Office - Yeonryukgyo Bridge - Observatory 2 - Observatory 3 - Observatory 1 (0.8km / 1hr)
Gwaneumdo Island is also called Sparrow Island because there is a myth that it was founded by a man named Wolseong Kim from Gyeongju, who came to the island after a typhoon while fishing, and when he was shivering from cold and hunger, he lit a fire at night and cooked the sparrows that flew in, and they tasted really good. Gwaneumdo Island is about 21,600 sq m2 and is home to various plants such as camellia, gourd, reed, mugwort, cattail, and wormwood. Also, there are two caves at the bottom of the island.

COURSE 5 Naesujeon Trail
Ahn Young-bok Memorial Hall - Seokpo Observatory - Jeongmaehwagok Shelter - Sunrise Observatory at Naesujeon (3km / 2hrs)
The Seokpo Naesujeon Trail, a historic road that has been traveled by pioneers for over 100 years, runs from Ahn Youngbok Memorial Hall to Naesujeon Observatory. It is the only uninhabited area on the trail, so you can see a variety of plants and animals in their natural state. Jeongmaehwagok Shelter, located in the middle of the trail, is an inspiring place where you can see bamboo shoots through the trees along the perimeter.

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Address : 88-13, Chusan-gil, Buk-myeon, Ulleung-gun,
Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
Tel : 054-791-7788     E-mail : welcome@thekosmos.co.kr
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